Keeping Momentum

Being out in front is amazing, but it’s also exhausting. A lot has been written on avoiding burn-out, on work-life balance, and on self-care. I find a lot of that useful – particularly advice about being out in nature and getting exercise and sleep, but in my experience it isn’t enough. So how do you keep momentum when it’s you that you are following?

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The Gift of Snow and Stillness

The best part of a snow day isn’t that real pants are optional though, it’s that nature gives us the gift of time.  Forces completely outside of our control blow into the city with sensational news coverage and mountains of fluffy white stuff.  There’s the mania of storm preparation: filling gas cans, stocking the pantry, throwing elbows for the last bag of ice-melt, bringing in firewood to stay dry by the hearth.  Then as darkness falls, the calm settles in. The flakes start to fall in earnest.  You can hear the wind swirling around the eaves.  And there you are, snug inside with no choice but to amuse yourself as you best see fit for the next day or so.  It’s time to let go and be still.

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8 Lessons from 8,400 Miles

2. Who’s in your bed is more important than where it is.

We spent four weeks on the road.  That’s a lot of hotels, spanning a wide range of comfort and, of course, the whole country.  Yes, of course, things like a comfy pillow and a nice duvet are wonderful; a view of something other than the highway out the window is nice too.  But night after night I slept well and felt at home simply because of my two bed-mates.  Having my husband by my side and our dog at my feet was enough to make anywhere home.  Even (especially?) when they’re both snoring.

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